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29 DE MARZO DE 2024

Happy easter to all from Bonomi Group

Happy easter to all from Bonomi Group!

Bonomi Group promotes well-being in the workplace

A favourable work environment does not only equate to rewards, incentives, or benefits, but also to customized programmes and projects that promote physical and mental health in the workplace.  Bonomi Group has always invested in corporate well-being and in all those good practices needed to live well in a corporate organization. First and foremost, since it operates in the engineering sector, Bonomi Group pays the utmost attention to the management of occupational health and safety, by analysing all the risks present in the work environment and implementing guidelines and procedures aimed at protecting the workforce. Bonomi Group also provides a programme of free cancer prevention screenings in collaboration with Fondazione ANT. They take place during working hours, at the company premises or through a mobile clinic. The strong commitment to this issue is also confirmed by the recognition obtained by Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi in 2023 with the Eubiosia Franco Panutti "Prevention and Welfare" award for the ever-demonstrated economic and moral support. In each company of Bonomi Group there is a completely renovated canteen with wide and bright spaces. It allows employees to follow a healthier diet and to meet and socialise, thus promoting collaboration and an exchange of ideas. At Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi in Gussago there is also a gym, open and accessible free of charge for all employees of the group companies, to encourage physical activity and improve the quality of life. For some years now, the group companies have also introduced flexible working hours so that employees can avoid travelling at times when traffic is heaviest, thus reducing the risk of accidents and stress and meeting personal needs by allowing a balance between work and personal life. Bonomi Group shows a sincere interest in its employees. Maintaining their well-being and a good work environment is the key asset to ensure their future and the prosperity of every company of the group.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We wish you Merry Christmas and a special year of happiness and joy!

Bonomi Group contributes to the safeguard of the environment.

The issue of sustainability is increasingly relevant within the group, first of all to actively safeguard the environment with tangible actions, but also to give a strong signal by highlighting the company sensitivity to this aspect. To encourage the reduction of plastic waste, Bonomi Group has installed automatic dispenser of free chilled drinking water in the plants and offices of the various companies and has given all employees of the group a thermos bottle, to be used in the company. A useful gadget that prompts people to think about the value of water and to safeguard the environment. Promoting a sustainable lifestyle and helping employees achieve a state of well-being, both in their professional and private life, is one of the main aspects of Bonomi Group's corporate culture.