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6 DE MAYO DE 2024


On the 16th of May, Bonomi Group will be at the Brixia Forum at Convivium. This event connects talents in the STEM field, both students (engineering and technical institutes) and experienced professionals, with companies that are growing and are looking for technical figures to be included in their workforce. The Bonomi Group team will present to the aspirants all the opportunities for growth within the group through well-structured career plans, as well as the ability to promote and maintain the physical, psychological and social well-being of all its employees and offer benefits that support the balance between work and personal life (e.g. flexible working hours, the presence of an in-house canteen and gym, a welfare platform, free preventive medical examinations, etc.). We will be pleased to meet you, hear your comments, listen to your proposals, and answer any questions and curiosities you may have. ➡️If you are a student, or a recent graduate looking for the best way to enter the world of work, we look forward to seeing you at our stand! 👉​ Sign up for free by clicking here!
5 DE MAYO DE 2024


Penta, Quam, Valpres, Valbia and Ghibson confirm their presence at the forthcoming IVS, the international exhibition and conference on valves and flow control technologies, to be held on 15-16 May in Bergamo, Italy. Bonomi Group produces a wide range of valves and components for the industrial sector, distributed worldwide, including: Penta ball valves for high temperatures (up to +720°C), cryogenic services (down to -200°C), abrasive or dangerous media. All Penta valves can be equipped with Pentafite seats, the only self-lubricating metal seat material. Quam control and regulating choke valves are installed in the Oil&Gas upstream industry to regulate oil well pressure and flow in a reliable and durable way. Quam HIPPS systems are used to detect overpressure and protect downstream equipment through ultra-fast line shutdown. On-off systems and pressure / flow / temperature / level control systems with high range-ability Valpres ball valves, available in customized and patented configurations for the energy sector and industrial process applications. Locpower: the innovative solution by Valpres that combines performance and sustainability. Locpower is indeed a control valve that allows, during its use, the recovery of otherwise wasted energy in line with industry 5.0 principles and enables the obtainment of white certificates from the GSE (Italian Energy Service Management authority). Ghibson double eccentric butterfly valves designed for particularly demanding and critical applications, equipped with Valbia pneumatic actuator and 4-20mA electro-pneumatic positioner. ATEX-certified Valbia MT multi-turn electric actuators with variable speed allowing the configuration of a wide speed range from 12 to 120 rpm, independently opening and closing, through the local control panel in non-intrusive mode. The consolidated know-how on different processes and materials for the energy and industrial sectors allows the Bonomi Group to offer innovative, high quality and fully customisable solutions. We look forward to seeing you at the fair: ➡️ Hall A - Stand A32 📍 Bergamo Exhibition Centre 📆 15/16 May
3 DE MAYO DE 2024


Bonomi Group will participate for the first time at IFAT, the world's largest trade fair for water, wastewater, waste, and raw materials management. This is the ideal opportunity for Valbia to present the new and patented MT multi-turn electric actuator, 100% made in Italy and ATEX certified, which, thanks to the combination of an AC-Brushless motor and an in-house designed inverter, allows the configuration of speed ranges from 12 to 120 rpm, independently in opening and closing, through the local control panel in non-intrusive mode. Valbia's proven range of actuators utilises technology that has been tested and developed over several years and whose intuitive and clear functionality makes them ready to respond to any market demand. Together with Valbia, the other companies of the group will be present with direct-acting ball valves and customised butterfly valves for the most diverse industrial applications and certified by leading international bodies. We look forward to seeing you in Munich, from 13th to 17th May, at our stand C205. ➡️ Booth C2.205 📍 Munich 📆 13/17 May
10 DE ABRIL DE 2024


Among the most recent valves from Valpres are the floating valves with V-Pack stem seal: wafer, wafer-split, split-body. A range of "premium" products that implement numerous high-level technical features: PTFE V-Pack stem seal and a SIL design. Valpres V-Pack valves are equipped with a special PTFE used for the sealing of valve stems, which guarantees a wide chemical compatibility with many fluids and a low friction value that makes the valve maneuverability fluid, respecting numerous quality standards. These features, combined with a careful choice of materials, make the valves ideal for standard services and for many severe industrial services, such as the chemical sector.