Rubinetterie Bresciane has certified its multi-layer piping system for hot and cold water installations inside buildings, according to the European standard EN ISO 21003, at the prestigious German certification body DVGW. The system consists of brass fittings:

- TURBO PRESS, press fittings in nominal diameters 16x2 -20x2 - 26x3 - 32x3, made on brass CW617N and equipped with rubber perox EPDM O-ring seal;

- TURBO PUSH, fittings, assembled by a simple manual pressure, in nominal diameters 16x2 -20x2 - 26x3, composed by brass CW617N, equipped with rubber perox EPDM O-ring seal and a stainless steel ring preventing the pipe to get out;

and the multi-layer pipes in the following categories:

- PE-RT II /Al/ PE-RT II, composed by an inner layer of a non-cross linked polyethylene (PE-RT II), an intermediate 99.9% aluminum sheet welded longitudinally head-to-head, from an external layer of non-cross linked polyethylene (PE-RT II), joined together by an adhesive;

- PE-Xc/Al/PE-Xb, compounds of an inner layer of polyethylene cross linked with radiation of electrons (PE-Xc), an intermediate 99.9% aluminum sheet welded longitudinally head-to-head, with an external layer of cross linked polyethylene to xylanes (PE-Xb), joined together by an adhesive.

The systems are able to operate to the rated operating pressure of 10 bar, in line with the applicable regulations, in the range of temperatures between 0 °C and 95 °C. The supply and installation shall mean within holes or track or on brackets including surcharges for cuts, scraps, fittings and any other charges act to make the installation in a professional way. This certification is in addition to that already obtained from the same German institution, according to the DVGW W 534 worksheet.