Valpres has expanded the range of available products in 2013. The Oil & Gas team, with a very high seniority in the industry, has developed a range of valves to meet end users and EPC contractors requirements in the Oil & Gas sector as well as in industrial sectors with severe applications. For this reason it has acquired, in addition to the existing quality, environment and safety system certifications, the API 6A and API 6D certifications for ball valves. With this objective Valpres has developed the new product line that includes floating and trunnion mounted forged ball valves, double block and bleed (twin ball) valves, control ball valve for incompressible and compressible fluids. All the above are available also for cryogenic and corrosive services. The new products are developed through accurate and formal verificationand validation processes with calculations, finiteelement analysis (FEA) and computational fluiddynamics analysis (CFD), in order to ensure the performance of the valves in the conditions requested by the customer.

For more severe applications field validations are also provide as well as tests at certified laboratries or universities. The integrated management of the entire production cycle, from contract review to the product and documentation finalacceptance, ensures full traceability and guarantees the necessary quality standards.



Available sizes and pressure classes are listed in the tables below. The materials used for construction are in accordance to the customer specifications (carbon steels, austenitic, duplex, nickelalloys) and non-metallic materials (thermoplastics and elastomers) are carefully chosen to ensure the best performances.



The below technical data illustrate the standard range.
Customized features are available according to individual customer specifications:

• Construction/design: API 6D-API6A-ASME B16.34-API-608.
• Manual or actuated operation devices.
• Minimum thickness according to ASME VIII-ASME B16.34.
• Firesafe: ISO 10497, API 6FA, API 607.
• Face to face according to ANSI B16.10, API 6D and API 6A.
• Flanged ends, welded ends, threaded or according to customer request.
• Full or reduced bore (reduced bore starting from 2’’).
• Anti-blowout stem and antistatic device.
• Self-relieving seats (piston effect seats are also available for the trunnion valves).
• Double Block and Bleed feature on trunnion valves.
• Standard drain on all trunnion valves and vent fitting from 6 “and above.
• Drain ports according to specifications, bleed fittings, welded, flanged valves, etc.
• Support feet and lifting lugs for standard valves over 250 Kg.
• Locking devices.
All of Valpres valves are 100% tested in accordance to API 6D/BS12266 or API 6A, as well as to the applicable project or client specifications.
Non-destructive tests are always carried out according to quality control plans issued for order.
All certification and documentation is issued in accordance to the standards and specifictions prescribed by Valpres’ customers.